Here’s a rough paraphrasing of the email exchange prompting this:

Person 1: Glad to see Flake and McCain challenging Trump.

Person 2: Pff. Those are just words. Flake votes with Trump most of the time.

Person 1: Yeah, but at least he’s speaking up, which is more than the rest of the GOP wusses.

I see this kind of back & forth a lot, and both points of view are right. Speaking up against the actions of the Trump administration isn’t nothing, but as they say, that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee. Well, not a cup of coffee…maybe a gum ball from one of those vending machines outside the grocery store.

The biggest problem I have with people like Jeff Flake is that they’re trying to claim that Donald Trump is somehow an aberration in the GOP, instead of the logical outgrowth of its policies and actions. In fact, this is something I would argue is true of many “never Trumpers.” They fail to recognize that Trump is the embodiment of the modern GOP— hypocrisy, incoherence, xenophobia, racism, and all. The only question I have at this point is whether such people are lying only to us, or to themselves.