I did it!

Small victories– I’ve been following the goings-on at The 11 Second Club for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve actually gotten an entry finished to the point where I felt it could be submitted. Of course, as soon as I submitted the thing I immediately saw a couple issues that should be addressed, but it’s too late now. I expect it’ll get hammered in comments/voting, but at least I finished something for a change. At any rate, take a look if you’re so inclined…

June 2010 11 Second Club Entry, “It didn’t make the noise”

One last thing– the notes on the source audio were a little vague this time. This comes from the current season of Doctor Who, “The Time of Angels.”

Animation exercises

For whatever it’s worth…for the last several weeks I’ve been taking part in the Animation Personal Trainer program, and the following are two of the four exercises I had assigned. I think they’re self-explanatory. I haven’t decided whether I want to post the walk cycle or not (does the world really need another walk cycle on the web?), but the last I’ll probably post once it’s done. I haven’t gotten feedback on it yet, and it needs some polishing before it goes out into the world.