When did we all turn into pussies?

Political Advisory: Explicit ThoughtsYeah, you read that right. Pussies. Who’s a pussy? Why? Well, here’s a list:

Supposedly anti-war Democrats in Congress: Because they’re against the war until the bombs start dropping, at which point they fall in line behind the President. Listen guys, if the war is wrong before the shooting starts, it’s just as wrong after. Get some cojones and stand up for what you believe.

Conservatives who equate opposition with treason: Because they’re apparently so afraid of holes being punched in their positions that they try to squash any dissent with accusations of anti-Americanism. Last I checked McCarthyism went out with fins on Cadillacs.

Hollywood: Because they’ll “tone down” or cancel an awards show for fear of what– attack? Susan Sarandon speaking her mind? Just put on the show, people.

Journalists: Because they let PR flacks push them around, don’t ask enough tough questions, and let politicians off the hook too easily. Guys, you want to get ratings & notoriety? Stand up in that press room & tell Ari Fleischer you think he’s full of shit.

Me: Yeah, me. Because a few weeks ago I posted a political cartoon on this site and then pulled it after applying for a job. Well, I’m not going to do that any more. Life is too short to go around being afraid of offending someone.