Lessig on Dean

From Larry Lessig’s blog:

In the buzz of disagreement about particular policies or particular quips, it is this that should be remembered: whatever the twist of views and positions is that carries one to 1600 Pennsylvania, there is only one candidate so far who has demonstrated a process that is different. And only one who has demonstrated a process that could translate into government that is different as well.

And how is his process different? Take a look at these sites:

Here’s the short version. Bush is getting piles of money from people with piles of money. You know, those $2,000 hamburger dinners he’s always jetting off to. These are the Grey Poupon guys, not French’s yellow if you know what I mean. Dean’s getting his smaller piles of money from people with much shallower pockets. He’s getting money from people who have never participated before, and they’re coming back.

Bush may present himself as a “regular guy,” but neither he nor the people ponying up to keep him in office can really lay claim to that title honestly. I don’t know whether Dean’s a “regular guy” or not, but he’s the only one I see who is demonstrably appealing to those of us who are.