Dad Reflexes

At last, it can be revealed! My entry in the Ulysses writing contest was a short story titled, “Dad Reflexes.” It, along with several other winners, was published on the Ulysses blog yesterday. They also included a brief summary of their thoughts on each entry. Here’s what they said about mine:

The premise of this story intrigued us immediately: a superhero who has no idea that he has super powers. How cool is that? The tight dialogues bring in a thrilling speed. Although this is only a short story, the hero’s »Dad Reflexes« seem to be just the first episode in a series of heroic events. We are curious what might happen next in the life of our »oblivious« superhero Del.

“Tight dialogues?” I’ll take it.

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Hey there, Jason! I just read read and enjoyed your short story winner. How great is has to be to get that kind of positive recognition for your writing. I like what the judges said and also how they could see possibilities for more episodes. Good for you!

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