Buncha random stuff

If we don’t see indictments of Trump or someone in his orbit in 2023, another coup attempt is inevitable. The next one may succeed, and will be cheered on by people you may have holiday meals with.

I’ve mostly stopped using Twitter, though I do wish Hive activity would pick up. I’ve begun subscribing to newsletters various authors I follow are putting out, but frankly wish they would just set up old-fashioned blogs instead.

Just read this: Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things: Three Decades of Survival in the Desert of Social Media

Kraken?” Really? That’s what they’re going with?

I thought my 30 year old MIDI controller had started flaking out on me, but it turns out to be okay. <whew> Now if I could just play with a little more precision…

Never forget, Republicans and the people who vote for them are assholes.

Trying to start a new habit where I have at least one novel I’m reading on my iOS devices, to have something other than mindless scrolling or casual games to look at. So far the effort is going…okay. Turns out the interest level in the book has to be higher than the bar for a physical copy, because it’s so easy to just pop over to some other activity. Story Genius worked because I needed the nudge, and Sin du Jour worked because holy shit. Slow Horses isn’t quite doing it, though. Turns out I might like the streaming series better in that case. YMMV, as they say, and Brits/Anglophiles may feel differently.