I mostly pretend to forget our wedding anniversary, but this one I honest to god missed

A couple blogs and a webcomic or two I follow have recently marked notable anniversaries, which led me to wonder how long this particular blog has been around. So, go to the posts, sort by date ascending, and I see the first post was…(drumroll please)…

December 31, 1969!

(Wait, that can’t be right.) For anyone who doesn’t know, if a computer spits that date out, it often means there’s a null value or maybe “0000-00-00 00:00:00” lurking in the database. Anyway, scroll a bit to find a date when I was alive…

January 16, 2003.

For the record, I’m also approaching a nice round number of posts, at least according to WordPress. However, there are also some duplicated titles, so that number is sketchy. I expect I’ll miss that marker too, even though WordPress does show a post counter so it’s much more visible.

Here’s to the next two decades… 🎉