So the latest spin from the White House & assorted right-wingers is that the US abuse of prisoners in Iraq isn’t that bad because after all, Saddam Hussein & terrorists do much worse. So aside from the freakishness of this argument coming from Mr. Moral Clarity (hello?), I think we should all look at this as an opportunity to loosen up a little:

  • Next time your honey catches you eyeballing someone else’s anatomy, just point out that other people have affairs, and you’re just admiring.
  • When you get pulled over for going 88 in a 45 zone, refuse the ticket on the grounds that at least you weren’t doing a drive-by shooting.
  • Raid the neighbor’s fridge for dinner, and if they complain remind them that you’re leaving their DVD collection alone, and a lot of thieves would have walked off with those, too.
  • If you can get close enough to him, smack Dubya upside the head, and before the Secret Service flattens you, yell out that Oswald killed Kennedy, so what’s the big deal? In fact, smack him twice. He deserves it.

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