New business plan

As some readers may be aware, in addition to writing in this fine blog, I also have a small business. Income has been sporadic of late, and there is a chance that I may have to seriously look for a “real job” in the near future.

However, I have hit upon a sure-fire new business plan. I just came across an item at The Agonist that gave me some hard numbers to work with. Turns out they’re working on a legal system in Iraq, and the company selected to head this up is one of Bush’s big campaign donors. They “donated” a total of $41,350 to the Bush campaign. I say “donated,” because a better term would probably be “invested,” as you’ll see. This same company has received a contract “worth up to $79.6 million.” So, I did a little math:

$79,600,000 contract / $41,350 “investment” = 1925.03

So, I figure that if I donate $2000 to the Bush campaign for the 2004 election, I should be entitled to a contract of, let’s see…

$2000 “donation” x 1925.03 = $3,850,060

Of course, given the ballooning budget deficit I can probably realistically only expect a contract worth about $3 million, but I can live with that. Hey Dubya– the check’s in the mail!