When is a former Iraqi minister like a Beanie Baby

Just heard that another former Iraqi official has been rounded up. That brings the total up to 39 collected from the infamous deck of cards. At this point, however, I have to say “who cares?” I find it hard to believe that these captures will have any impact on security in Iraq, and I doubt any of them will have information to help yank Dubya’s cojones out of the fire as far as WMD’s go. I can’t help thinking that this is kind of like the Beanie Baby collector who keeps buying the latest toys even after the collecting craze is gone and folks have moved on to the next hot thing.

New business plan

As some readers may be aware, in addition to writing in this fine blog, I also have a small business. Income has been sporadic of late, and there is a chance that I may have to seriously look for a “real job” in the near future.

However, I have hit upon a sure-fire new business plan. I just came across an item at The Agonist that gave me some hard numbers to work with. Turns out they’re working on a legal system in Iraq, and the company selected to head this up is one of Bush’s big campaign donors. They “donated” a total of $41,350 to the Bush campaign. I say “donated,” because a better term would probably be “invested,” as you’ll see. This same company has received a contract “worth up to $79.6 million.” So, I did a little math:

$79,600,000 contract / $41,350 “investment” = 1925.03

So, I figure that if I donate $2000 to the Bush campaign for the 2004 election, I should be entitled to a contract of, let’s see…

$2000 “donation” x 1925.03 = $3,850,060

Of course, given the ballooning budget deficit I can probably realistically only expect a contract worth about $3 million, but I can live with that. Hey Dubya– the check’s in the mail!

Practical joke on le chef de Bush

Some French dudes played a practical joke on Bush’s chef, offering him a job working for Chirac.

M Chirac, [a look-alike for Mme Chirac] said, was sick of French food. He had once mentioned that he liked calves’ head and he had been eating snouts and lips at official dinners ever since. What he longed for was some good American cooking, hamburgers and barbecue. Would Mr Scheib agree to leave Mr Bush and come to work at the Elysee?

Something seriously wrong

not able to post suddenly—testing