Star Wars: Conviction

When they got to maintenance, R0-N1’s escort called out, “Brought you your droid back,” then turned to leave.

Cutter looked up from the pile of parts he had been rummaging through. “Droid? Oh, Roni.” He stood up and approached the astromech. Spotting the fresh hole in R0-N1’s exterior, he shouted into the corridor. “Hey, what happened? Someone take a shot at him?”

The stormtrooper returned and stood just outside the room. “That was the Inquisitor. She removed his restraining bolt.” For emphasis, he pantomimed waving a lightsaber, making a “VWAAM” sound.

Cutter’s eyes widened, and he looked back at R0-N1 in alarm. “Why would she do that? Does she not have any idea what an astromech can do if they put their mind to it?”

Conviction is set several years after the founding of the Empire, after The Bad Batch and before Rebels.

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This story is a work of fan fiction, written solely for my own (and maybe your) amusement. Star Wars is the property of Disney/Lucasfilm and this work is not connected in any way to said companies.